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Retail Merchandising Consultant

Terry Elton, a merchandising consultant and author, has spent 40 years honing his skill in all aspects of retailing with special emphasis on the presentation and sale of product to the consumer. Starting in department stores, Terry was a buyer and merchandising manager before being recruited by Hallmark Cards. With Hallmark, Terry worked as a Merchandising Strategist for National Accounts for twenty-five years before retiring and forming his own company.

Terry is very active in the marketplace, working with stores who want to revamp and improve their function, image and presentation. Major retailers all over the United States and Canada have used his knowledge of customer shopping tendencies and his solid merchandising skills.

His latest work; IMPACT MERCHANDISING, is a tutorial designed to provide you and your staff with a solid understanding of what turns customers "On" and "Off" when it comes to the presentation of product. It provides you with a solid platform from which compelling product presentations will develop.

Many people play Golf or Tennis to unwind, not Terry, he has an avocation that dovetails with his merchandising skills. Check it out at the link below.


Email: telton@kc.rr.com

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